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    Alex Shephard – https://github.com/alexshepard


    Summer, Winter, Spring Bios

    Daiane Lopes da Silva, co-founder and artistic director of Kinetech Arts, is a dancer and choreographer whose work has been performed in Brazil, France, Greece, Belgium and the U.S.A. She has worked with Lisbon Dance Company, Labayen Dance, KUNST-STOFF Dance Company, Robert Moses’ Kin, Little Seismic Dance Company, among others. Daiane was a resident artist at SafeHouse Arts and Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from SFSU. kinetech arts

    Evelyn Ficarra  is a composer and sound artist.  She has a strong focus on electro-acoustic and collaborative work and has written music for dance, music theatre, multi media, experimental film, radio, installation and the concert hall.  Her work has received support from, among others, the Arts Council of England, the London Arts Board, the Sonic Arts Network, the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust, the Hinrichsen Foundation, the Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Meet the Composer and Poems on the Underground.  Her music has been heard in concert halls, theatres, music festivals, film festivals, on television and in radio broadcasts in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Far East. Her solo CD Frantic Mid-Atlantic is available on the Sargasso Label www.sargasso.com. Recent works include O, Onea five minute opera for two Nao robots and cello, and War Poems the dead returning lightly dance for large chamber ensemble and recorded sounds. Upcoming collaborations include Listening Creates an Openingwith Mary Armentrout Dance Theater, which will be premiered at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer in September 2018. Evelyn is a Lecturer in Music at the University of Sussex. http://www.sussex.ac.uk/profiles/41192

    HEATHER FRASCH is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic concert music, performer/composer (flute, laptop/electronics & sonic objects), and creator of interactive sound installations and digital instruments. Through the creation of complex timbres, the usage of unstable notation systems, and electronics her work explores notions of fragility and stillness within an intermedia sonic arts practice. Influenced by the dis-embodiment of acousmatic music practices, she investigates the re-embodiment of sound and the intimacy between humans and their technological objects. heatherfrasch.net

    Mary Armentrout is an experimental choreographer, performance artist, videographer, and the director of the Mary Armentrout Dance Theater.  She calls her genre-mixing works performance installations, and one of her site-specific works recently won an Isadora Duncan Dance Award.  Working primarily with repetition and duration, her works problematize aspects of intentionality and presence.  Her work has been presented throughout the Bay Area, as well as across the US and the UK, Europe, and China, and has been supported by the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Fohr Foundation, the Clorox Company Foundation, the Lighting Artists in Dance Award, the New Stages for Dance Award, and the CA$H Grant. She is currently working on listening creates an opening, in collaboration with Ian Winters and Evelyn Ficarra – a commissioned project of EMPAC, premiering in September 2018. maryarmentroutdancetheater.com

    Norman Gee is a proud Bay Area theater artist. Most recently he performed in STORIES FROM SILENCE, a Utopia Theater #MeToo response. Earlier he did DEATH OF A SALESMAN with Ubuntu Theater, and played Polonious & the Gravedigger in Arabian Shakespeare Festival’s HAMLET.

    Norman happily rejoins Word for Word next spring in LUCIA BERLIN Stories, which will tour France in April.

    paige starling sorvillo is an Oakland, California based choreographic artist who creates work for stage, site, and film.  Following multiple threads in her performance practice, she is as likely to be performing a minimalist improvising-choreography with a music colleague, as she is to be creating a complex multi-layered intermedia work.  To her work, she brings a performance dialect where image and metaphor yield a brute, delicate physicality, and an emotional, energetic communication that is felt – not simply seen.   sorvillo/blindsight has been presented throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the San Francisco International Arts Festival, Yerba Buena Gardens’ ChoreoFest, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, NOHspace,  and CounterPULSE.  National and international presentations include Washington DC’s Kennedy Center, Chicago’s Dfibrillator Gallery, New York’s Judson Church, Berlin Germany’s Club Polnischen Versager, Czech Republic’s CESTA Festival, Portugal’s InShadow Festival, and Brighton UK’s Digital Festival.  Residencies include CESTA, CZ; Djerassi, CA; CounterPULSE, CA; and University of Sussex, UK. paigestarlingsorvillo.com

    Suki O’Kane is a classically trained mallet percussionist, composer and instigator working with artists from a wide array of of music, movement, expanded cinema and public art genres. She has composed for Theatre of Yugen and inkBoat, performs in the ensembles of Dan Plonsey and Rae Diamond, and is a member of Thingamajigs Performance Group with Dylan Bolles, Keith Evans and Edward Schocker. She is a student of monumental and durational forms, and is currently developing new site-specific work for the Illuminated Corridor, a nomadic public art project that creates streetscapes of live experimental music and performative projection for West Marin (2018) and San Francisco (2019). Suki’s work has been supported by the Creative Work Fund, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Oakland Stock, and New Music USA. sukiokane.com

    Ian Winters is an award-winning media and performance artist who often collaborates with  composers, directors, and choreographers to create both staged and open-ended visual and acoustic media environments in performance as well more traditional video and visual work. In addition to work internationally with many noted ensembles and directors his work has been supported by the Creative Work Fund, the Rainin Foundation, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Djerassi, EMPAC among many others .

    He maintains an active worldwide teaching practice leading workshops in live media and the integration of sensors, physical performance and site-based pieces. He studied video and performance at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts & Tufts University, followed by training in dance / physical theater and architecture. He is also the co-curator of Richmond’s MilkBar with Mary Armentrout. ianwinters.com/bio

    The new MilkBar – Holiday Open House Dec. 13th

    milkbar - loftDec. 13th, 2015

    4pm – 7pm

    Holiday Open House at the new MilkBar in Richmond, CA.

    241a South 1st St. Richmond 94804.

    As many of you know my home studio (The MilkBar) has relocated to Richmond. We now have almost 2000 sf of space and are up and going again as a working studio for performance, rehearsals, film/photographic shoots and teaching. Come and join us for an open house and holiday party on the 13th.

    Directions 241A S. 1st St. Richmond.

    The Prepared Table: Guest Projects Work Sample

    The Prepared Table: A Feast and Stories from Iraqis, Afghans and the Forward Operating Base is a new project in process – consisting of an original multimedia performance, an interactive gallery exhibit and a web-based media work based on interviews and stories of daily life from from the real people whose human stories remain unknown to most of us – despite being integral members of our shared Bay Area communities.

    A new collaboration between Oakland’s ALICE Arts and media artist Ian Winters it is expected to premiere in 2015, with current development work supported by the NEA, residency support through CSU East Bay’s School of Arts and Media, and others.

    3 minute excerpt of our First Feast:


    The Prepared Table is the second in a cycle of “Burning Libraries”–original works that give voice to people whose stories are rarely heard–like Sharbat Gula, the Afghan woman in the burka, holding a picture of herself when she was a young girl , or Stephanie Hermes, a GI reservist, befriending a Shia woman in the Holy City of Karbala, Iraq.

    If you walk into San Francisco’s Veteran’s Administration, you will be greeted with the statement, “The price of freedom is visible here.” With the help of seed funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, ALICE has begun collecting stories of the people who were most directly affected by the post-9/11 wars–people who remain largely unknown to most of us.

    Collecting the stories that will be the basis of this work means meeting with community leaders, traveling to refugee centers and V.A. hospitals, attending community events, and interviewing people in their homes. It means setting up an interactive website where refugees and veterans from across the country can feed in their stories.

    Sharing these stories from American vets, Afghans and Iraqis means shining a light on their–and our–common humanity. More details about the project are available on the Alice Arts website.

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    Dissident Futures – 19 Feb 2014. Sussex University

    Improvisation and research presentation at Sussex University:
    Myra Melford, Ian Winters and Evelyn Ficarra.
    19th of Feb. 2014 at 7 pm with Q/A to follow.

    preparations for dissident futures improv with pianist myra melford

    Jan 25, 2014.
    4:00pm – 5:00pm Performance
    Video / sound installation noon to gallery closing.
    FREE with gallery admission
    Downstairs Galleries / YBCA Gallery 2

    piano stillIn conjunction with Dissident Futures, musician Myra Melford and video artist Ian Winters will collaborate on an improvised performance within the galleries using prepared and amplified piano with live video projection and custom made video controllers in an effort to re-imagine the piano as a 21st century instrument.

    Followed by a Q&A with the artists.

    media stillThis new work in progress will also travel to Sussex University in Brighton, UK  for a performance Feb 19th, 2014 at 7pm.

    For more about Myra see http://www.myramelford.com/



    At YBCA this project is part of YBCA’s larger project with Melford for which YBCA was recently awarded a two-year grant from the Doris Duke Foundation to fund an artist residency with Myra Melford, winner of the prestigious 2012 Alpert Award in the Arts for Music, the 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship, and numerous others.



    Memory table ISEA 2014 Support materials

    Support Materials for The Memory Table / ISEA 2014 application

    Theater of Yugen documentation excerpt. 4mn. 2012 https://vimeo.com/56893956

    Sussex / milkbar/ Center for new music work sample video  includes:

    • 1. (15s)still from the installation version (15s)
    • 2. 15s to 4:10. excerpts from the memory table v2 performance at the MilkBar, Oakland, CA USA and Attenborough Centre for the Performing Arts / Center for Research in Opera and Music Theatre at Sussex University, Brighton UK. Sept 2013.
    • 3. 4:15 to 4:30: excerpt from the installation version at the Attenborough Centre Creativity Zone.
    • 4. 4:30 to 7:30 : Excerpt from installation / performance at Theater of Yugen, San Francisco


    • Ian Winters : video and concept
    • Evelyn Ficarra: sound
    • paige starling sorvillo : choreography / performance (Sussex, Center for New Music, Milkbar) 2013
    • Megan Nicely, Claire Willey: dancers in Yugen installation / performance.2012