Press materials for TIDES

at Minnesota St Project and SFArtsED Gallery March 7 – 28, 2020


    • Opening 4p-8p March 7th, 2020
    • Artist talk 6p, March 7th 2020
    • Live Performances 8p, March 20th and 21st
    • Gallery Hours 11a-4p Tues -Fri, 2p-6p Sat





PRESS IMAGES: click for larger image

all images Ian Winters


1. Ferry Landing:  37°51’23.1″N 122°28’42.199″ W, rising tide.

video still and print 18″x24″, edition of 5.






2. The Carquinez – between 77″ to 96″ rise.

print 24″x24″, edition of 5.






3. Middle Harbor. 37°47’56″N 122°19’32″W.

video still and print 18″ x 24″, edition of 5.




4. Landing. Federal Express. Bay Farm. 37°44’7″N 122°15’15″W

print 18″ x 24″, edition of 5.



























Press materials for Summer, Winter, Spring


Woman Invisible – critic’s pick for SFBG and East Bay Express. Sept. 2010.
Burning Libraries – Pick of the week for SF Chronicle, NY Times Arts Monthly.
SF Chronicle: Review of Care of Trees
“a tale of love taking root, realism…that works to the most magical effect…with the story of their romance in flashbacks, mystically framed in video loops by Ian Wintes”
SF Chronicle: Review of Fable and Faith
“…One of the seasons great charmers…Moses’ collaborators lent sterling support…luminous projections deliver us to a never-never land”
SF Chroniclepick of the week for film: MilkBar Film festival 9/11/08
“…started three years ago as a way to show performance installations[by the curators] that include films (more than 20 this year) from places as far away as St. Petersburg, Russia.…The festival has proved so popular that this year’s edition calls for a bigger venue…There might be bigger film festivals, but few can match the MilkBar’s sense of discovery.”

LA Times: March 24th, 2008
“…in the witty “traffic (or thoughts while eating Ritz crackers).” Sitting in front of a video by Ian Winters of relentless highway traffic, Armentrout wound herself around her chair and into a knot of worry as she ate the titular snack and mused aloud about her day…which, like the onslaught of imagery and crackers, quickly overwhelmed her.”

Wall St. Journal, April 3rd, 2009 
about Rendition created with harpsichordist Jane Chapman
a wonderful short film by Ian Winters…music by Evelyn Ficarra”

St. Petersburg Times, Ru. Aug. 22nd 2008
“The Moving Baltic Sea festival … is a traveling circus of film, music and art … Other events to be presented at the festival are  performances [correct translation – installations] on the topic of water by U.S.-based artist Ian Winters.”