School of the Museum of Fine Arts & Tufts University: Concentrations: Video/Photography/Performance BFA, 1990-96.
San Francisco Institute of Architecture, MA Coursework, Sustainable Architecture, 1999-2000; CA building contractor’s license.
Performance training
Action Theater/Improvisation: Ruth Zaporah; Butoh/Noguchi: Katsura Kan; Hiroko Tamano; Yukio Waguri; SU-EN; Shinichi Koga; Composition/direction: Johannes Birringer; Keith Hennessey; Sara Shelton Mann; Marilyn Arnsem, Minako Seki

Technical Skills
Video, 8, 16mm cinematography/camera operation & projection; video and still image editing(FCP/AfterEffects/photoshop); media programming including Disguise (D3), Watchout, Touch designer, Madmapper, Isadora (w/ advanced training w/ Mark Coniglio), Max/MSP/Jitter with a focus on installation, theatrical and live media manipulation including use of database & sensor derived control structures; audio editing including sound designer and logic; Audio field recording; alternative process printing; medium and large format printing; metal, wood and fiberglass fabrication; Technical training: numerous continuing education workshops in color management, printing, media programming and historical employment as project manager and NGO executive.

Selected residencies / awards / grants / panels
SELECTED VISITING ARTIST LECTURES include: Studio Interrelated Media / Mass Art Boston. March 2011; MIT New Media Center Dance Technology and the Social, March 2011; University San Francisco, guest designer in Theater dept., Fall 2010, fall 2012; Brunel University, London – Artaud Forum, “Gestural control of installation / performance” April 2012; Duke University, Visiting artist in Dance and Visual Studies Depts. March 2012; LASER panelist (Leonardo Art and Science Rendezvous) July 2012; Louisiana State University visiting artist in Performance Studies (w/ MADT) March 2013; Amherst College Theater Dept. Guest Artist Jan 2013; Center for Research in Opera & Music Theater (Sussex University) visiting artist Mar. 2013; USF – visiting designer for Theater Dept fall 2010, fall 2012. Attenborough Center for the Creative Arts, Sussex University (Sept 2013 for the Memory Table project); ISEA 2013 / University of Sydney panelist, presenter, peer-reviewer; Curator – 2014 World Water Day symposium. Brighton University – Sensor driven performance 2014, Sussex University – MA master class artists 2014; ISEA 2014/ Dubai – panelist/ convener for new media, data and choreography. University of AZ – Balance/ UnBalance panelist 2015; University of Sussex Dept of Music Affiliate researcher 2016-17, University of Central Florida May 2016; Atlantic Center for Arts May 2016. Extended Now MilkBar Summer Workshops 2012-2017. 2015-2017 Djerassi Alumni residency workshop faculty.

RESIDENCIES AND GRANTS: 2021-2023 Creative Work Fund award  with Leonardo for DOMESTIC LIGHT, 2021 Leonardo@ Djerassi Art-Science residency, 2017-18 EMPAC commission, 2017-2019 Visiting Research Fellow University of Sussex Digital Humanities Lab, 2016 -18 Creative Work Fund, 2016 Master Artist in residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts; Isadora Duncan Award for Visual Design 2014, 2015; Zellerbach awards for 2015, 2013. 2014-15 Rainin Foundation award for Summer, Winter, Spring; 2014 Clorox foundation award for Milkbar live film / teaching programs; Djerassi Resident Artist Program residencies 2013; Earthdance 2013; 2012 Isadora Duncan award nominee for best visual design, 2014,2014,2012 Lighting Artist in Dance award; 2013 – 14 Resident artist at NEXMAP and the Center for New Music/SF; 2012 NEA funding for the ALICE project, The Prepared Table; 2010 EMPAC media and performance lab; 2009 Zellerbach Performing Arts Assistance Program for development of MilkBar Film festival; 2008 Zellerbach Family Foundation, 2008 Clorox Foundation, and 2008 Meet the Composer grants (for MilkBar); Nov.-Dec. 2008 Residency at I-Park, East Haddam CT.

Curatorial and community work includes co-direction and curation of Richmond’s MilkBar 2005-present producing more than 100 major events and dozens of resident artists, curator / review for Waterwheel’s World Water Day festivals, a Dancer’s Group advisory board member, and as a director or board member of Northern California Land Trust and numerous other bay area community development organizations since 2002.

Selected Live media, video design and installation projects (both solo and collaborative)
A Telling of the Light. November 2021. Lumiere Festival. Penshaw Monument. Durham, UK. This light and video collaboration with Elaine Buckholtz was commissioned by the 2021 Lumiere Festival as a memorial to the UK victims of the Covid-19 pandemic and is based on series of visual and light meditations on the nature of breath.

Marriage of Figaro. 2022. Opera de Paris, Opera Garnier. Cinematography and video design collaborator and associate for the 2022 production of Le Nozze di Figaro, directed by Netia Jones at the Opera Garnier.

TIDES: 2018-2020. Site specific video and music performance installation at sites in San Francisco Bay watershed exploring the nature of complexity and phase changes in overlapping realms of human-watershed interaction, water and music created through a circumambulation on foot of San Francisco Bay. A collaboration with composers Wayne Vitale, Brian Baumbusch and members of the Light Bulb Ensemble at Djerassi, SF Arts Education Galleray at Minnesota St Project and Point San Pablo.

Orphee. Nov. 2019. English National Opera. Cinematography & video design w/ Netia Jones for ENO production of Phillip Glass’s Orphee directed by Netia Jones.   

Came Here To Live. May 2019. Kelly Cullen Community Center, San Francisco. Skywatchers Ensemble. Video and visual design for Came Here to Live and 2019 Spring festival.

Tum / Tambor Oct 2017 and March 2018. Collaboration with composer Antonio Juan-Marcos and 2e2m ensemble of Paris. 1 act video opera for solo voice commissioned by Cervantino Festival of Guanajatro, MX for the centenary of Mexican author Juan Rulfo’s birth.

Listening Creates an Opening Sept. 2018. Troy, NY – EMPAC, May 2019 ODC. Site Specific commissioned collaboration with Mary Armentrout, Evelyn Ficarra at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center of Rensellear Polytechnic Institute. that explores the nature of listening, light and time. a technology/embodiment puzzle that asks how we listen and what we hear.  Taking its time, as it draws us, in a listening state, from a Victorian drawing room on RPI campus, through the 21st century EMPAC theater, down the hill and through the streets of Troy to the Hudson River’s edge at dusk, this piece poses the further question of what do we do next – once we have started to hear?

Freely Falling Objects. June 2017 and Sept –Nov 2017. Gallery 308, Ft. Mason. As part of Nighthouse Studios (collaboration with Elaine Buckholtz (light), and Floor Van der Velde (sound)).

Ara Waterways / Mu. Sept. 2016. CounterPulse. Redcat May 2017, Sept 2017 Time Based Arts Festival, Portland. Video and interactive media design for ARA Waterways / MU by Choreographer/composer Dohee Lee, Lighting designer Jose-Maria Francos, Adria Otte Music.

Rainbow Logic (Arm in Arm with Remy Charlip). Nov. 2016. CounterPULSE, San Francisco.

King Tide: Oct. 2016. Joe Goode Annex SF, April 2017 Ramallah Dance Festival (projected) Video and visual design collaboration with choreographer Nina Haft, Nina Haft Dance company performers.

Dissident / Dissonant Futures: Jan 2014, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Feb 2014, Sussex University Department of Music, May 2016 Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida, and Nov. 2017 Berlin (planned). Lead artist and collaboration with pianist Myra Melford and electronic musician Evelyn Ficarra to create an improvised live video and prepared piano performance trio exploring the boundaries and possibilities of the piano as an extended 21st century instrument collaborative instrument and the fragile state of the inner ecosystem of the prepared piano.

The Odyssey. Jan 2016 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, March 2016 Kennedy Center, Aug 2016 Houston Asia Center. Interactive live video and visual design. Collaboration with Composer Van-anh Vo creating a stage world based on the odyssey of the Vietnamese exodus by boat from Vietnam to America. Composer / concept Van-anh Vo, music Alex Kelly, Jimi Nakagawa, Dan Cantrell. Lighting Jose-Maria Francos.

The Dark Mirror: Barbican Theater May 2016, National Theater, Taiwan (Taichung) Nov. 2016, Perth Opera House Jan. 2017, Lincoln Center Aug 2017, Zellerbach Hall March 2018. dir. Netia Jones, singer Ian Bostridge. Baldur Bronniman conductor. Britten Sinfonia. video director. The Dark Mirror is a restaging of Zender’s Winterreise produced by the Barbican.

Walk back the Cat. March 2016, March 2017 YBCA Novellus Theater. Visual / video design in collaboration with Brenda Way Choreographer/ director, Paul Dresher composer. ODC Dance.

Shiva. Cal Performances / Zellerbach Hall. Feb. 2016 / Z-Space 2013. Chitresh Das Dance Company. Visual and interactive stage design and shadow theater. Collaboration with Chitresh Das and company to complete Chitresh Das’ final work, Shiva.

Floaters. March 2016- The Lab.. Visual and lighting design. Christine Bonansea choreographer, danishta castro and Jacob Heule music, Olivia Ting animation.

Mikrokosma. YBCA May 2015, Paul Dresher Studios April 2015.. Collaboration with composer Wayne Vitale, Brian Baumbusch and Lightbulb Ensemble. Visual and video design. for a live video and performance piece.

Summer, Winter, Spring: (June 21st 2015 through Winter 2018. Market St. SF) is a durational live film and performance in three movements which explores the radically varying physical rhythms and seasons of the mid-market street corridor. The project centers on the idea of the tension, patterns, and built choreographies inherent amongst the micro-tonal movements and time scales of seasons and cities compared to the individual pedestrian moment. Role is as lead artist with other key artists include Wei-dong yang (data visualization) , choreographers: paige starling sorvillo (blindsight), Mary Armentrout (Milkbar) and Daiane Lopes da Silva (Kinetech) and composers Heather Frasch and Evelyn Ficarra.

Reveries and Elegies. May 2015. SF International Arts Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival. Volume 1 MIlkBar (Oakland), Interface Gallery (Oakland), CounterPULSE, Baker Beach (SF), Louisiana State University, Roehampton University Fall 2012 / Winter 2013/ Winter 2014.

with Mary Armentrout Dance Theater Izzy award winning Live video score and visual design with long-time collaborators choreographer Mary Armentrout, composer Evelyn Ficarra and composer / vocalist Pamela Z. reveries and elegies is a long term site specific dance theater installation project exploring change, dislocation, and the ungraspableness of the present. reveries and elegies is an on-going series of works interrogating the nature of site specificity and the act of performance itself.

Invention of Wings: Video / visual design for Invention of Wings choreographed by Brenda Way and KT Nelson with ODC Dance company. April 2015. YBCA Novellus Theater.

Alice in Wonderland: LA Philharmonic Disney Hall Feb 2015, The Barbican – London. March 2015. Video consultant and technical design for the premiere of Unsuk Chin’s Alice in Wonderland opera. Directed by Netia Jones. illustration by Ralph Steadman.

The Anastasio Project. Sept. 2014, and Sept 2015 East Side Arts Alliance and site specific locations. Collaboration with NAKA Dance theater (Jose Navarette and Debbie Kajiyama) to create a performance exploring the impact of police violence on the lives of East Oakland residents and immigrants. Video and media design, along with season long teaching of youth performers to operate show.

Horizon-Line 2014 Zero-1 Gallery San Jose. Work in progress showings – POTO Festival Aug. 2012, Collection of the Djerassi Resident Artist Program (Installation April 2013). Horizon-line is a performative light / video installation that explores the perpetually visible, but unreachable space of the horizon line – that destination that is conceptually a boundary and a gate, a space one longs to pass through, yet can never reach by creating an artificial light / low-resolution video horizon that one can physically pass through.

Private Life/ Art of War: Dec. 2014, and winter 2013. Izzy award winning video and visual design. Collaboration with Deborah Slater Dance Theater at ODC Theater. Deborah Slater choreographer, DSDT company, Allen Willner lighting, Sean Riley set, Bruno Loucharon music

Bay Requiem: March 2014. Hayward Shoreline Center. Collaboration with Australia’s Waterwheel project ( to host and curate 2 live “nodes” of the global online festival, World Water Day 2014, about the intersection of art and water. The Bay Requiem project includes choreographer Nina Haft, Mary Armentrout, Ian Winters and Lauren Elder. The project began with a filmed performance and data collection at the Hayward shoreline during the King tides of Jan 2014, and continued in live relayering of performance material, site data and visual material online, and, on the Hayward shoreline itselg.

Waterwheel – “Patch”: Networked performance presented at ISEA2013 / Sydney University. Interaction design, programming, app development and video creating the prototype Waterwheel “plug-in” for distributed network performance as part of the Australian waterwheel collaborative. The “plug-in” allows for globally distributed performers to create live network performances without being physically tethered to a camera / computer using the sensors embedded in mobile phones. May 2013 – SF demonstration at the Garage, June 2013 – ISEA/Sydney presentation.

Memory Table: Center for New Music, SF; The Milkbar, Oakland, Ca; and the Attenborough Center for the Arts Creativity Zone, Brighton, UK. Sept. 2013. Research showings: Stanford Leonardo LAZER series April 2012, MIT New Media Center/Dance Technology conference April 2011, Theater of Yugen – Sound is the Movement research series Oct 2011, EMPAC – Rensellear Polytechnic Institute (part of Live Media and performance Lab). August 2010. POTO Arts Festival, Grass Valley, July 2010. Concept, set, visual and interactive design, with choreography by paige starling sorvillo and sound by composer Evelyn Ficarra. Based on the ideas of memory/forgetting, and using live media the Memory Table records fragments of life at a simple café table and projects back the present, the recent past and the far past in real time drawing participants and performers into an ongoing dialogue and choreography with their own immediate past.

Short films about water / submarine: Screenings and performances include: City University, London (May 2010), The Luggage Store, San Francisco (Sept. 2009); Theater Noise conference, London, UK (April, 2009); Illuminated Corridor at Middle Harbor State Park, Oakland (May 30, 2009); Moscow Autumn Festival at Union Of Moscow Composers (Dec. 2008); I-Park Artist’s Enclave, Haddam, CT (Dec. 2008 outdoor site-specific installation of POND and residency screening); Journées de l’électroacoustique (Oct. 2008), Paris, FR; MilkBar 2008 Live Film Festival, Oakland, CA (premiere); Moving Baltic Sea Festival, St. Petersburg; OPEN Cinema Festival, St. Petersburg, RU (Aug. 08 installation); POTO Arts Festival, Grass Valley, CA (July 2009 and 2008).Short films / submarine is the intersection of composer Evelyn Ficarra’s longstanding fascination with the submarine world with time-lapse films / installation about water by Winters. Inspired by a shared fascination of things above and below water, and the passage of time the films observe sites around the globe where sea meets land meets history, and which may submerge in coming years. The project is embedded in the age-old (and present) fascination with sea – visually and sonically mapping place-specific worlds of water, shipwreck, geography, listening and loss. Based as a custom-developed live video/ electronic score the series explores each new site through new film / still imagery shot on site. It exists as a cinematic film, as a print exhibition and as evolving video / sonic performance installations that slowly transforms on a day to day and year to year basis using a live “score” of human and environmental inputs including tidal flow from weather buoys, shipping traffic arriving/departing for ports known and unknown.

Twixt: Development and programming of a custom “live-editing” and audio triggering system for the live presentations of American Zoetrope / Francis Ford Coppola’s film TWIXT. Summer 2011/2012.

Rescued Memories: New York Stories: Projection Mapping for Asian Improv Arts / Lenora Lee Dance performance installation. De Young Museum. San Francisco. Nov. 2013.

Amanda Palmer / Grand Theft Orchestra :Design and implement interactive picture player / video system via live instruments for 2012 – 2013 tour.

Fable and Faith

Video design & media programming for Robert Moses’ Kin, Fable and Faith at YBCA Novellus Theater. Feb 2011, Luckman Center for the Arts, LA – May 2012, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati – March 2012. Choreographer Robert Moses, playwright Anne Galjour, visual design Elaine Buckholtz, music SF Boys Chorus/ Ian Robertson.


Video design for premiere of Bruja, at the Magic Theater, San Francisco, CA. May–June 2012, and, in Tucson March 2013. Written by Luis Alfaro and directed by Loretta Greco.

Light Moves

Media programming, implementation / projectionist for touring production of Light Moves by Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. Choreography Margaret Jenkins, Video Design Naomie Kremer. Feb. 2012. Columbia College Dance Center, Chicago; University of Maryland, College Park.

Makrokosma Bali

Live video / interactive media for Makrokosma Bali, at the Asian Art Museum in May 2011. Composers Wayne Vitale & I Made Aranawa, video Eric Koziol.

Care of Trees

Video design for the Shotgun Players, Berkeley, spring 2011 season premiere of Care of Trees by Elizabeth Spreen, dir. Susannah Martin.

Architecture of Light

Video and media design, and video installation for ODC Dance’s Architecture of Light for the opening of ODC Theater, San Francisco. Choreographer Brenda Way, ODC Dance Company, Lighting/visual design Elaine Buckholtz. Sept/Oct 2010.

Baggage Allowance

Live media programming and video design for composer Pamela Z’s Baggage Allowance at Z-Space, SF May 2010 and The Kitchen, NYC, Sept. 2010.


Video and media design, programming, cinematography and live effects in collaboration with director Sara Kraft. Premiere: Yerba Buena Center For the Arts, SF March 2010. HyperReal is a mesmerizing fusion of text, song, sound, movement and live interactive video to examine the complex feedback loop between technology, the body and the mind.


Showings include: 2011 Connect Festival, Malmo Sweden (performed live by Keynote +); 2008 LA Freewaves “Hollywould” Festival; 2006 BMIC Cutting Edge Festival, London (premiere); 2007 BMIC Cutting Edge tour (UK); 2007 Herbst Hall (Zellerbach Lunchtime series), UC Berkeley; Center for New Music and Audio Technology, Berkeley; Parkway Theater, El Cerrito; Oxford University, UK; Corsham Music festival, Corsham UK; OPEN cinema festival, St. Petersburg; St. Petersburg European University; 2007 MilkBar Film Festival, CounterPULSE, San Francisco with pianist Myra Melford.

A “wonderful short film…” (Wall St. Journal, April 3rd, 2009) created collaboratively for film, prepared piano and harpsichord in 2006/7 with composer Evelyn Ficarra, Rendition is an animated window into a fractured world of two precariously balanced musical ecosystems, engaged in a struggle over resources and intelligence, where “all the things of the past rearrange themselves, line up in rows, and whatever is present is utterly and urgently present.” (Rilke) Rendition was originally commissioned by UK musicians Keynote+ (Jane Chapman-harpsichord and Kate Ryder-prepared piano).