Still from The Bed - a month long durational installation

Still from The Bed – a month long durational installation

Friday January 10th & 17th, 2014, 4 to 7 PM. Opening reception 4 – 7pm, Jan 10th.

The MilkBar, in the sunshine biscuit factory complex.

851 81st Ave. #223, Oakland CA

As part of the Jan 2014 return of Reveries and Elegies to the MilkBar, I’ll be showcasing 4 of the durational performance films, and, time-lapse installations created for the project.

The special Friday gallery showcases four of 2-channel time lapse films from the perambulations series, aka the ‘revery of dislocation’ created for each installment of reveries and elegies along with the interactive time-lapse installation, the bed.

The bed is a time-lapse meditation on color, light, and the coming of winter to the bay area that explores our malleable sense of the rhythm of time and passing seasons. As an installation The Bed responds to viewers, speeding up and slowing down the month in response to motion and   Bed was shown in spring 2013 at the MilkBar, Interface Gallery, CounterPulse, Baker Beach, and, LSU performance studies as an element in the Mary Armentrout Dance Theater show, Reveries and Elegies.  Included as part of the bed will be a work in progress showing of a book version of same project.

The revery of dislocation: perambulations series explores the idea of mapping/exploring a site both spatially and through time. Each 2-channel film repeats the same filmic & performance score of are a series of time-lapse films which use the same filmic and performance score: a time-lapse of the entrance/exit to the center, and, a simultaneous bodily mapping of the bounds of the territory (aka a perambulation) to explore each site reveries and elegies has been performed.  Conceived originally as a many channel installation film, this showing will be the first time the individual film fragments from each performance will be seen together, along with a sound score by Pamela-Z.

Still from Revery of dislocation / perambulation 1


Baker Beach still