silent, 12 min.   4mn excerpt from 2 channel video installation | direct link to video

Ian Winters (SF) (film)

Perambulation is the first of ongoing series of site investigations based on the concept of scores as a tool for site investigation, exploring the intersections between lines of demarcation, abstraction and an interest in how a site (or observer) may eventually be revealed through careful or not so careful (ab)use of the strategems of careful(less) regularity and observation.The larger project includes a series of these scores or site investigations through the continued and repeated observation of ‘ sites of interest’ exploring how movement and visual information can retain traces of a particular site even when deeply abstracted through the means of chance-based scores. Additional chapters in the series include matins perambulation of the Sacre Couer in Paris, a journey between city and the sea in Emeryville, CA, and a streambed in Durham, NC.
performances and screenings: Milkbar #28, the 2012 Home Theater Festival, and residency showings at Duke University.