The exIan Winters MA postertended now – A talk exploring the use of “liveness” and embodiment as an essential facet of my recent collaborations in hybridized forms of documentary, performance and installation. I’ll be showing excerpts of work from recent  projects that use integrated sensor & live data driven compositional structures as key elements of their structure.

Notes for the talk and a resource sheet for students showing technical details of sensors, physical computing hardware and sources will be available day of the talk.

Brief project descriptions:

* The Prepared Table (2014-15): a collaboration with two Oakland based oral historians / performers based on first person stories of Iraqi’s, Afghans, and veterans that centers around a shared feast and shared stories. (California State University, East Bay).

* The Vigil (2014) An upcoming networked installation (based on an ISEA project from last year) invites participants to hold a quiet standing vigil while their breath movements are used to create a fading drawing. (ISEA and the Leonardo Art Science Technology Festival).

* Makrokosma Bali (and its upcoming 2015 2nd chapter Mikrokosma Bali): a collaboration with composers Wayne Vitale & I Made Aranawa fusing contemporary gamelan , electronics and Balinese documentary footage shot by musicians and documentarian Eric Koziol. (2011/2015).(Asian Art Museum, SF).

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