Creating the live media design and programming for MAKROKOSMA BALI was a fascinating opportunity to develop interactive and live media elements as part of project bridging cultures and philosophies. This video shows excerpts from the May 2011 performances at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, which presented the work in the context of their six-month exhibition, “Bali: Art, Ritual, and Performance.” MAKROKOSMA BALI was conceived and directed by Wayne Vitale, who also co-composed the music with I Made Arnawa, his long-term collaborator, teacher, and friend.

Makrokosma Bali – excerpts from Wayne Vitale on Vimeo.

MAKROKOSMA BALI, features the gamelan ensemble of Tunjuk, Bali, led by Bali’s renowned composer I Made Arnawa. The 25 musicians of this orchestra, Seka Gong Taruna Mekar, worked with a US-based team of theatrical, multimedia and software artists. Here are the full credits for the primary artists:

SEKA GONG TARUNA MEKAR (Tunjuk, Bali) — musicians
WAYNE VITALE — artistic director and co-composer
I MADE ARNAWA — music director and co-composer
ALLEN WILLNER — lighting and stage designer
ERIC KOZIOL — video designer
IAN WINTERS — live media
GREG KUHN — audio engineer