DOMESTIC LIGHT – Launching June 21st, 2023, and premieres in 2024:

I am delighted to share the launch of my newest project DOMESTIC LIGHT, that explores the nature of light worldwide. At the core of DOMESTIC LIGHT is a new network of multi-spectral color sensors hosted in domestic window sills in each time zone around the world to document the literal color of “home” over the 2023-2024 solar year.

The question yields a complex array of answers: the particular blue of winter Bay Area sky after a rain, the yellow of one’s inherited incandescent lamp, the slate-grey of afternoon rain. Part violet, part teal, part blue, part red, part yellow – none are readily reduced to the Red, Green and Blue of computer screens and print.

Using that global network of multi-chromatic light sensors, Domestic Light creates a real time light and color portrait of our earth from the perspective of home, as well as a sonic portrait of home created by collaborator, composer Pamela Z from monthly sound fragments shared by each site. Sited in domestic window sills in each of the Earth’s time zones in both northern and southern hemispheres for a solar year Domestic Light takes root in an understanding of home and the post COVID public sphere, the urgent need to build community to community networks and the role of artists in cultivating observation of one’s own environmental transformations.

In addition to an online portal launching in Spring 2023 the project will premiere a live performance installation featuring Z and Winters in 2024, and events organized by our commissioning partner Leonardo.

Key collaborators include Weidong Yang (sensor and data programming), Pamela Z (composer), Leonardo / ISAST, and the Djerassi Resident Artist Program along with the support of the Creative Work Fund.

If you would like to participate in hosting a sensor or to learn more please get in touch.