Care of Tree production still. photo Pak Han

Care of Tree production still. photo Pak Han

Written by E. Hunter Spreen. Directed by Susannah Martin. Performed by Patrick Russell and Liz Sklar. Lighting – Lukas Krech, Set – Nina Ball, Sound – Jake Rodriguez,
Video design and cinematography РIan Winters 

Produced by Shotgun Players
Still from the Wedding Film - of Care of Trees.

Still from the Wedding Film – Care of Trees. photo Ian Winters


Still from “Travis, after the change”

about the project

Care of Trees was premiered by Shotgun Players’ for their 20th Anniversary Season. A story following what it’s like to care for something fragile and spectacular without exactly understanding the rules. In a thrilling, heartbreaking and exquisite investigation of love and belief, Care of Trees explores what happens when your partner embarks upon a path that you simply cannot follow.

A tightly focused stage duet between Russell and Sklar, Care of Trees begins on stage as their lives are beginning to unwind, and “Georgia” begins to fall sick.

Much of the action occurs long before this time — and in a truly unique design process I shot many hours of footage creating the life, friends, and family of the couple– which was then integrated into the live performance by mapping projections into the labyrinth of Nina Ball’s house become tree set.

Below is a short excerpt from “Georgia’s Monologue”, a video diary that “Georgia” leaves for “Travis” as her health fails.